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Children benefit from creative expression during their childhood. Dance helps develop their confidence, coordination, concentration and the ability for self-discipline. Dancing is also character building and brings new like-minded friends and social skills.

Whether it be classical ballet, tap, jazz or hip hop, classes are intended not only for students to learn but also to develop and inspire their enthusiasm for dance whilst having fun.

Rhondelle Field is the owner/Principal of Rhondelle’s School Of Dance located in Minto. Rhondelle’s School Of Dance opened its doors in 1994 to students from ages 3 and up. Classes are offered in the following: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Zumba, Stretch and Beginner/Intermediate Adult Tap & Hip Hop/Jazz.

Rhondelle’s School Of Dance is located at Unit 17 10-12 Montore Road Minto! The dance facility is equipped with 1 Large dance room, Sprung floor, full length mirrors, ballet barres, bathrooms, waiting room & ample parking. The studio also offers opportunities for competitions both solo and groups.

Come and join the students at Rhondelle‘s School Of Dance!! I make sure that all students are provided with a positive, stimulating and rewarding experience during their days, months and years under my direction. I want to be able to help the students develop self-worth, love for self and others and love for life as they learn to enjoy the worth of dance!

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