About us.

Welcome To Rhondelle‘s School Of Dance.

All classes are graded by age and ability. Each class is designed to teach techniques in a positive way to allow the learning process to be fun, yet fulfilling through constructive teaching methods.

Not sure, which class is the right one? Contact us and I will help you make the decision that will allow for an exciting and rewarding dance class

Rhondelle Field is the founder and Principal of Rhondelle’s School Of Dance where she strives to create a positive, caring atmosphere for all students to learn dance.

Her teaching is built on a foundation of sincerity and integrity. Rhondelle’s love for her students encourages her to continue working to bring out the best in each of them. Rhondelle continues to improve her teaching by frequently attending dance workshops and seminars around the country.

Rhondelle is a teacher member of Ballet Australasia Limited and teaches Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip Hop. Rhondelle began dancing at 4 years old and has had an enormous amount of experience in both performing and choreographing, including choreographing for community events, talent shows, has adjudicated dance Eisteddfods
Rhondelle has her BAL Teaching Cert Tap (Adv) and teaching certificate III Ballet and is also an examiner for Ballet Australasia Limited.

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